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Gold standard could be established in the U.S.!

 Gold standard could be established in the U.S.!

The Republican party in Washington proposed a bill in the congress which could legalize silver and gold as money.

7 deputies of this party proposed the bill № HB 2197, aimed at giving the citizens of Washington a legitimate opportunity to use precious metals as an alternative means of payment on daily basis. Taking into account dollar's fluctuations, gold and silver could become a reliable alternative to the existing method.

Deputies recalled the history and advantages of gold, the most important were:

  • Every currency backed with this precious metal gives citizens the opportunity to preserve wealth for a long period. Gold has been an honest and reliable medium of exchange since millennia;


  • This precious metal decentralizes both the government and the markets authority, and eliminates the possibility to influencing people's welfare negatively during times of high inflation.


  • Gold contributes to ensuring competition on the currency market and gives citizens confidence in protecting their properties and welfare.

Deputies also referred to section 10, article 1 of the Constitution of the US, which states that gold and silver money can be used as a tender on a legal basis.

How would this bill impact the gold market? Undoubtedly, if such an initiative raises interest on a legislative level, then gold bugs and other people interested in this precious metal could make this initiative go further.

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